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Area: UK


Naval pinnace. Construction: Double-skin teak on oak, diagonal inner, fore & af.
Hull at East Cowes in Buil
Built 1911 by J. Samuel White & Co. Ltd. at East Cowes
LOA: 50' 0", LWL: 50' 0", Beam: 9' 9",
Transom stern, navy blue, teak saloon, steel bulkheads.


Mumford type 3-drum WT Built 1994 by Maritime Workshop at Gosport
Fuel: Oil,
Component parts being made by many firms, with coordination by the Maritime Workshop.


Compound. 6 1/2" + 13" X 8"
Built c191 by A.G. Mumford Ltd. at Colchester
pv on HP, sv on LP valve. SLRG valve gear.
Semi-enclosed crankcase, crankshaft worm-gear driven twin fp, LP Xhead lever driven air pump, inboard surface condenser and centrifugal circulating pump.


New to Admiralty, 1916 converted to Admiral’s barge. 1930 duty boat at Netley Hospital, c 1946 sold out of service, c 1955 steamed to Thames, named TRELEAGUE, converted motor, various owners. Hull restoration 1975 by Tough Bros., Teddington. Acquired 1979. Steam plant fitted at Gosport, first re-steamed Sept 1984. Now on display at Portsmouth Dockyard. Contact: 02392 727562. (1984-93 fitted with c1898 built 3-drum WT). Formerly known as 198.

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