Owner: B.W.Smith, P. Smith

Area: UK-Thames

New lightweight hull built to suit a light boiler/engine set. The engine needed extensive repairs to broken castings when acquired, and is thought to also have had a replacement crankshaft at some time in its history. The boiler was previously fitted in Seagull (formerly Gollywog) which was built and fitted out in Australia in 1975. All installation by Paul and Brian Smith. Oberon was completed in 2001. Speed measured at Windermere is over 17 mph.


Status: Under Construction

Owner: Russell Clement

Area: UK-North

Ocean Mist

Owner: The Cruise Ship

Area: UK

Built on lines of trawler, originally named SAMUEL GREEN, later OCEAN ROVER and ARIES. Given present name c1950. Various owners. Acquired by present owners c1985, taken to Inverness, machinery overhauled, steamed to Leith, 1987. Used as a restaurant. Apparantly abandoned 2004


Owner: J.M. Uprichard

Area: UK

New boat built, fitted out and steam plant installed by first owner Rod Thompson on River Witham. First steamed 1991. Acquired Jan 1999.


Owner: J.L. Kilby

Area: UK-Thames

New boat, fitted out and plant installed by P. Kilby. First steamed 1989.


Owner: P.W.U. Corbett

Area: UK-West London

Built to requirements of previous owners Calor Gas Ltd. Acquired Sept 1988. Engine formerly in EUREKA 1967-c80. (1984-1991 fitted with 1977 A. Bever built WTB).

Old Scow

Owner: C.B. Bomba

Area: USA

Old Smokey

Owner: W.F. Whitman

Area: USA


Owner: Michael Morgan

Area: UK-South East

New launch built to owners requirements, steamed 1500 miles 1985, 400 miles 1986. Ref: Funnel 98. Now owned by Michael Morgan and moored on the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation in Essex


Owner: P. Brittijn

Area: Netherlands

Construction started 2005 by Pieter Brittijn.


Status: Active use

Owner: Mike Jefferies

Area: UK-West Midlands

New boat built and steam plant fitted by first owner Philip Treloar. First steamed summer 1993. Acquired 1998.by John Stothert and by present owner in January 2011. Boiler re-tubed by TRS Boiler Makers September 2017.

On Fire

Owner: D.W. Lawhon

Area: USA


Owner: E Saubesty

Area: France

New boat design by owner in 2005


Owner: Graham Vieler

Area: UK-South East

Used as lobster fishing boat before being fitted out as a steam launch.


Status: Steaming

Owner: S.C. Robmann

Area: Switzerland


Status: Steaming

Owner: Peter McCormick

Area: UK-North East


Website: http://www.mszwerver.nl

Area: Netherlands

Designed and built by owner, Frenk Fontijn. Steam plant formerly used in a 12' steel hull. First steamed 10th June 1998. Sold Feb 2005.


Owner: F. Fontijn

Website: http://www.mszwerver.nl

Area: Netherlands

New steamlaunch being built and fitted out by owner for completion during 2005. First steamed mid 2005 hopefully.


Owner: English Heritage

Area: UK

New for Admiralty, Cutter No.439, for Royal Yacht OSBORNE, then on RY VICTORIA & ALBERT. Owned J.B.Hickey in 1930’s. c1959 owned A.J. Kitson who started restoration. Acquired Feb 1972, engine and fittings restored by Tony Spencer, hull by P. Freebody & Co 1972-9. First steamed after restoration April 1979. Acquired early 1990’s but remained in care of Tony Spencer until April 1999. Transferred for public display ashore. Museum open during summer months only.


Owner: Windermere Steamboat Museum

Area: UK-North

Owned on Lake Windermere since new, converted to motor and used as tripping launch by Bowness Bay Boating Co. for many years. Acquired for preservation and restoration by owners 1981. Used regularly for passenger trips during the summer. Ref: Classic Boat Jan 1990. Engine formerly in WATER VIPER.


Owner: W. Mounster

Area: Australia


Owner: J.P. Brydon

Area: UK-Midlands

Formely a naval motor launch fitted out as a steamer by J. B. Patston on River Nene during 1970’s. Steam plant removed c1981 and used as a motor fishing boat. Allowed to become derelict in late 1980’s. Acquired 1997 in sunken condition. Hull and steam plant fully restored and first re-steamed May 1999.


Status: Fettling needed

Owner: Bart Smaalders

Website: http://www.smaalders.net/barts/boat.html

Area: USA


Owner: Windermere Steamboat Museum

Area: UK-North

New to J. M. Sladen, named GREBE, 1899 to W. Whitehead, re-named, later owned Sir W. Crossley and S. Rhodes. Acquired 1973 by Hon. Patrick Lindsay, hull replated and plant overhauled by R.B. Harrison, Bill Quay-on-Tyne. 1980 to David Black. Acquired 1990’s by Windermere Steamboat Museum and on display.


Owner: Simon Mather

Area: UK-South West

Origins vague! Reputedly owned by Jesse Boot (1st Baron Trent) of Boot's the Chemist. Discovered 1993 by Martin & Daphne Neville and restored to two cabin launch. Forward cabin removed c2005. Intention is to restore her to steam....when we know which steam plant!!!!!


Owner: City of Bordeaux

Area: France

Reported to be in poor condition 2006.


Owner: D.W. Laing

Area: UK-Thames

New boat built to owners requirements, as copy of OXBIRD, fitted out completely by Langley Engineering, first steamed January 1987. Ref: Classic Boat, July 1988. Retubed 1997. 2005 laid-up but planning to launch 2006.