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Status: Superseded - Sold to proud new owner

Owner: Len Williamson

Area: UK-North West


Open Launch. Construction: GRP.
Built 1990 by North Norfolk Boatbuilding Co. at Holt
Fit out 1994 by Robin jones
LOA: 19' 10", LWL: 18' 6", Beam: 7' 4", Draft: 2' 0", Displacement: 1950 lbs.
Blue with varnished woodwork, counter stern, canopy, wheel steering.


VFT Designed by David Beale,
Built 1999 by Franklin & Bell at Gloucester
Fuel: Coal, Pressure: 200 psi, Grate area: 1.6 sqft, Heating area: 24 sqft,
109 X 1" dia Steel tubes. Welded steel ,expanded tubes construction,
condensing, engine driven pump, hand pump, injector, Windermere kettle, whistle,
Edwards vacuum pump, hand feed pump, injector, W/kettle. Designed by David Beale. Steel, shell 22" od x 29" high, 109 x 1" od tubes.


Compound. 3" + 5" X 3"
Built 1982 by A.A. Leak
Designed by: A.A. Leak
Spool on HP, balanced sv on LP valve. SLRG valve gear.
Power: 8 HP


Bronze, 3 blades, Right Hand, 18" X 28"
Shaft: 1.125" SS


New launch fitted out by Mr Robin Jones. Hull selected for suitability for use on tidal estuaries of the east coast, first steamed 1994. Engine reconstructed Sam Wilkinson 1990. Sold Oct 2009 to Len Williamson.

Last Modified: 2018.10.16.

Araminta. On Lake Windermere.


Araminta. On Lake Windermere.

Araminta. The first lift into the water. ( 1994 ).

Araminta. SBA. Windermere Rally 2014

Araminta. Boiler and Engine, note central steering position.

Main Engine. Port side. Showing Edwards vac pump and twin boiler feed pumps.

Main Engine. Starboard side, note lubricator by Alex Ritchie feeding all main bearings and steam inlet.

Araminta. Boiler removed from boat for complete inspection and repainted with high temperature paint- also relagged with ceramic blanket. Re-installed 2010.