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Owner: J.G.;R. Diggelmann;von Kaenel

Area: Switzerland


Open Launch. Construction: Plywood and epoxy.
Hull model: Dawn designed by Glyn Lancaster Jones
Built 1988 by Martin Aplin at Bitterne
LOA: 16' 0", Beam: 5' 3",
Dark green hull, varnished deck & interior Double ended.


3-drum WT Built 1989 by Anthony Bever at Swindon
Fuel: Coal, Pressure: 150 psi,
Xhead driven fp & ap, Kcond. No.23. Top drum 5ΒΌ" dia x 15" long


Compound. 2" + 3 1/4" X 2"
Built 1988 by Martin Aplin
Designed by: Anthony Bever
sv valve. SLRG valve gear.
3 HP.


3 blades, 12" X 20"
Shaft: 3/4" SS


Boat built & fitted out 1988-90 by Martin Aplin, Bitterne, UK. First steamed May 1991. Sold 1995 to Horst Anders, Hattersheim, Germany. After the death of Horst 2002, acquired by new owners and taken to Switzerland. Hull, engine and pumps completely restored during 2003-2004.

Last Modified: 2014.04.01.

(Juerg Diggelmann) Lake Zurich, 2004


(Horst Anders) Lake Thun, Switzerland, 1996

Rally, Lake Thun 2004