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Owner: B.W.Smith, P. Smith

Area: UK-Thames


Open Launch. Construction: Strip plank, cedar (½"), epoxy sheathed with glas.
Hull designed by Paul Smith
Built 1995 by Paul & Brian Smith at Kintbury
LOA: 31' 0", LWL: 30' 0", Beam: 5' 6", Draft: 1' 0", Displacement: 2000 lbs.
Oxford Blue hull, varnished mahogany decks and cockpits, wheel steering.


Locomotive type Built 1997 by Valentine Welding & Engineering Ltd. at Northampton
Fuel: Coal, Pressure: 135 psi, Grate area: 1.6 sqft, Output: 400 lbs/hr,
Steel tubes.
injector, Windermere kettle,
Designed by Brian Smith. Shell 16" dia 30" long, 29 x 1¼" dia tubes 14" long. Side fired, fitted 3" off centre. 2 injectors ¼" and .3/8" taking fw from lake/river..


Single. 3 3/4" X 5"
Built by J.I. Thornycroft & Co. at Chiswick
sv valve. SLRG valve gear.
Built c1870's, On 4 turned columns, non-condensing and exhausts to atmosphere up the funnel.


Bronze, 3 blades, Left Hand, 19" X 28"
Shaft: 1 1/8" SS
Thornycroft 0.4 DAR.


New launch built to suit the vintage Thornycroft engine. The engine is thought to have been a service engine from a Naval vessel which had authentic Thornycroft pattern reversing gear added c1900’s. Speed on Windermere has been measured as 15 mph at 680 rpm with the engine delivering 11 IHP.

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(Brian Smith)


(Ian Cross) Windermere, 1997

Offset boiler


Bare hull

(John Gibbs) Thames 2002