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Owner: Mike Philips

Area: UK-South West


Open Launch. Construction: Carvel cedar on rock elm.
Built 1899 by Summers & Payne Ltd. at Southampton
LOA: 21' 0", LWL: 20' 0", Beam: 5' 2", Draft: 2' 0",
Varnished, straight stem, transom stern, wheel and tiller steering. Close planked Honduran cedar. Fitted lifting eyes for slinging in davits.


2-drum WT Built 1899 by Simpson Strickland & Co. Ltd. at Dartmouth
Fuel: Coal,
condensing, engine driven pump, hand pump, injector, feed water heater, whistle,
No.951. ¼A size. Steam drum 9" od, mud drum 4½" od x 16½", casing 30" long x 16" wide x 26½" high


2-crank Quadruple Expansion. 2" + 2 3/4" + 3 3/4" + 3 3/4" X 3"
Built 1899 by Simpson Strickland & Co. Ltd. at Dartmouth
Design: ¼A size Kingdon patent sv valve. SLRG valve gear.
No.892. Xhead driven air and fp, Kcond, designed for 10 IHP at 250 psi.


3 blades, 15 1/2" X 21"


Built for 54 ton yawl ARTEMIS, owned F. L. Pearson 1899 -1904, by Summers , Payne , and Hatcher , the launch and boat building division of S.&P. The original engine is still installed ,but the S.&S. boiler is kept in store and a modern (2009) Glyn Lancaster-Jones Lune valley type is currently used. 2nd owner was Member of Parliament William Nicholson (RYS) until 1939. After the war the "big" Artemis became a house boat and the launch was sold off. The launch Artemis was based for several decades on the Cam at Cambridge until purchased by Mike and Susan Phillips who trailer her to events from their base on the Tamar .

Last Modified: 2021.04.01.

Artemis on River Tamar


Tamar mooring

Artemis racing off Cowes, Steam launch in davits to Port.

Thames Trad Boat Rally, 2003

(Brian Smith) (original boiler)

Test tank in garden!

Simpson Strickland 1/4 A .Port side.

Simpson Strickland 1/4A Starboard side.

The Quay