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Owner: Windermere Steamboat Museum

Area: UK-North


Fast launch. Construction: Riveted steel.
Hull designed by A.R. Sladen
Built 1896 by Forrestt & Sons Ltd. at Wyvenhoe
LOA: 45' 6", Beam: 6' 7",
Straight stem, cruiser stern, white, varnished deck and interior, wheel steering, canvas canopy aft.


Locomotive type Built 1958 by Abbott & Co. at Newark
Fuel: Coal, Pressure: 200 psi,
No.A19889. 134 x 1¼" tubes 2' 4" long, 2 injectors, Wkettle. Built to original design.


Triple Expansion. 6 1/4" + 8 1/4" + 10 3/4" X 7"
Built 1896 by W. Sisson & Co. Ltd. at Gloucester
pv valve. Sisson Radial valve gear.
No.500. On 8 turned columns, 100 IHP, non-condensing.


3 blades, 34" X 58"


New to J. M. Sladen, named GREBE, 1899 to W. Whitehead, re-named, later owned Sir W. Crossley and S. Rhodes. Acquired 1973 by Hon. Patrick Lindsay, hull replated and plant overhauled by R.B. Harrison, Bill Quay-on-Tyne. 1980 to David Black. Acquired 1990’s by Windermere Steamboat Museum and on display.

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Windermere, 1985


(Simon Maltby) Windermere, 2003

(Simon Maltby) Windermere, 2003

(Brian Smith)

(Brian Smith)