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Owner: W.E. Simmons

Area: UK-South West


Paddle Launch. Construction: Plywood and cedar monocoque epoxied.
Hull designed by Walter Simmons at Fowey
Built 2000 by Walter Simmons at Fowey
Fit out 2000 by Walter Simmons at Fowey
LOA: 17' 6", LWL: 15' 0", Beam: 4' 0", Draft: 12' 0", Displacement: 1000 lbs.
"Flat iron" type with counter stern and overhung topsides including paddle boxes


Ofeltd type Built by WE Simmons & Cornish Boilers at Fowey
Fuel: Propane, Pressure: 120 psi, Heating area: 5½ sqft,
Ecc driven ap and variable stroke fp, hand fp, condenser Vertical central drum 3¼" od x 18" long. 8 interlinked coils below WL. Designed for 150 psi. Cu fwh coil, Cu/Ni superheater


Diagonal Compound. 2 1/4" X 3+2 5/8"
Built by W.E. Simmons at Fowey
Designed by: W.E. Simmons
sv valve. Breme - Hackworth valve gear.
180 rpm, ½ IHP. Overhung cranks. "Sweet William" loco castings used for cylinders, flywheels, excentrics & feed pumps. All roller & needle bearings except valve gear. Can run as double simple.


9 Feathering floats.
13" diameter, 5 1/2" wide.


Workmanlike design for easy construction and maintainance.

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(Owner) Mixtow, 2002


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