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Status: Steaming

Owner: Richard Knott


Area: UK-South West


Cabin/Saloon Launch. Construction: Strip plank, cedar on oak ribs. Mahogany decking a.
Hull model: Edwardian (modified) designed by Selway Fisher/Mike Bell
Built 2001 by Mike Bell at Clevedon
Fit out 2002 by Mike Bell at Kenn near Bristol UK
LOA: 29' 10", LWL: 25' 6", Beam: 6' 10", Draft: 2' 1",
Clipper bow, counter stern. Schilling rudder. Canopy, gas cooker, electric fridge, electrical heads and water system.


Locomotive type Built 2003 by TRS Boiler Makers at Derby
Fuel: Coal, Pressure: 200 psi, Grate area: 1.6 sqft, Heating area: 23.23 sqft, Output: 400 lbs/hr,
welded construction,
selectable condensing or non-condensing, forced draft fan, hand pump, injector, steam feed pump, Windermere kettle, whistle,
Southworth vertical steam fp, Buffalo injector, Hand fp and unpumped Kcond. Wkettle. Brian Smith design as used in Arlette and Hero. "Puffer" via cyclone to wet ash pan.


Twin. 3" + 3" X 3"
Built 2005 by Roger Mallinson at Windermere
Design: HP Marine Twin by: Roger Mallinson
sv between cylinders valve. Marshall Radial valve gear.
Power: 12 HP
Second Engine for battery charging:- Stuart Turner 5A Built by Tony Dunn1994. Operates 5:1 low speed alternator into two 110 ampere hour batteries.


Bronze, 3 blades, Right Hand, 22" X 27 1/2"
Shaft: 1 1/4" Stainless Steel


Under construction 2001-2005. Launched Sept 2005

Last Modified: 2014.10.22.

Sept 2005, Bristol