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Owner: Alan Dorrington

Area: UK-South West


Open Launch. Construction: Plywood & epoxy.
Hull model: Dawn designed by Glyn Lancaster Jones
Built 1994 by Glyn Lancaster Jones at Port Dinorwic
Fit out by Glyn Lancaster Jones
LOA: 15' 0", Beam: 5' 3", Draft: 1' 6",
Straight stem, semi-tunnel canoe stern, tiller steering. Blue topsides, yellow below, varnished above, yellow funnel.


Lune Valley type 2-drum WT Built 1999 by Glyn Lancaster Jones at Port Dinorwic
Fuel: Coal, Pressure: 150 psi, Heating area: 11½ sqft,
Ecc driven variable stoke fp and ap. Kcond. No.1021. Economiser, steam dryer, Wkettle.


Single. 3" X 3"
Built 1999 by Sam Wilkinson at Kemerton
pv valve. Hackworth Radial valve gear.
Full lubrication system.


13" X 24"


Stock hull fitted out to owners requirements. Commissioned 2000. Previously known as Mehetabel

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