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Status: Active use

Owner: C. Schaefer


Area: Switzerland


Based on a rowing boat. Construction: Aluminium.
Hull model: Barro Boats in 2015
Built 2015 by Barro Boats at Germany
Fit out 2016 by C.Schaefer at Switzerland
LOA: 14' 5", LWL: 13' 11", Beam: 4' 11", Draft: 0' 5",
The owner modified the basic metall version of the rowing boat to the AMPHORA by installing the helm, the various woods, the decoration parts, the Steam Plant, the Steam Pump and Steam Turbine... 2015-2019


Vertical Designed by LIoyd Beckmann US,
Built 2016 by LIoyd Beckmann at North Kingstown US
Fuel: coal, paraffin, gas, Pressure: 100 psi, Heating area: 5 sqft,
12" dia X 18" high Steel barrel. 19 Steel tubes. Welded steel drum and tubes construction,
condensing, engine driven pump, hand pump, injector, steam feed pump, feed water heater, Windermere kettle, whistle, siren,
The boiler carries a steam siren (1.37 inch), a Powell 3 chimes whistle (3 inch) and has an integrated stack blower. It is equipped with a Penberthy steam injector 0021 (middle pressure version with priming valve in order to allow the function at 75 psi or more). The water for the injector is drawn on demand via a bottom outlett fitting directly from the lake (cool water!) A Southworth 12 inch steam feed pump is placed left of the control stand, it is connected to a outlet fitting of the hull and it is used to fill the boiler with lake water by controlling it from the seat. The machines is equipped with mechanical lubricator (Foster), a displacement lubricator, a top oiler onto the cylinder and revolution counter (Leeds). A Steam Turbine driven Power Generator (13V) is located at the Control Stand below the Rudder Wheel illuminating parts of the boat. The condensed water is cycled via selfmade condenser/feed water preheater, oil separator (with replaceable, oil binding, fabrics/inlets) and a hotwell with second small filter. The boiler water (10 liter) is regulary treated with one table spoon of a boiler compound (own recipe) based on phosphats, sulfit, tannin, soda (carbonat). Coal consumption/onshore test: 1.5 hour/ 500g anthracid coal/ 1500g polish locomotive coal (sulfur content)/ 15liter water. The boat can be equipped with a Paraffin Burner (not shown) and the consumption with burner Webasto MB10 (one of the two valves open) is about 1.8 liter per hour at full speed.


Single cylinder. 2 1/4" X 2"
Built by unknown at UK
Design: 5A by: Stuart Turner
Piston valve. Stephenson valve gear.
Power: 1 HP
The maschine was bought 2015 in UK, restored by the owner in switzerland and was finally integrated into his designed and constructed steam plant for the AMPHORA steamboat. It receives a freely adjustable mechanical lubricator (Stationroadsteam UK), a revolution counter (Leeds) and a top oiler onto the cylinder.


Bronze, 3 blades, Left Hand,
Shaft: 0.8" Stainless Steel
Diameter 12 inch (30 cm)


The 'history' is short and started 2015 as a new build in switzerland finished by the end of 2019. The idea was to build a new steamboat based on a previously owned Stuart 5A. The steamboat contains design elements of art nouveau and art deco and the passion of the owner for the novels of the french writer Jules Verne... It was officially registered in Switzerland (Mai 2017) as a steam boat with the sign BL180... Many thanks Ann for being so patient during the building phase and for your interest... Christoph

Added to the register: 2016.05.17. Last Modified: 2021.03.23.

AMPHORA March 2021 -Coal Fired Version-


The happy 'designer' and owner Christoph...

Canopy made of brass 2021...

Cruising on Rhine river Switzerland

Steam Plant side view with boiler fire door and coal bunker door right side, Steam Siren and Powell 3 Chimes Whistle, hotwell

Steam Plant side view with Southworth Steam Pump (right side), Windermere Kettle, Oil filter and Condenser (left side)

Southworth 12 inch Steam Pump and Selfmade Steam Turbine at Control Stand

Stuart 5 A engine with free adjustable mechanical lubricator and 'engine room' electric lamps behind Stuart 5A... the Power is generated by a Steam Turbine located at the Control Stand

Bow Fender Made by Phil English