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Status: Fettling needed - Not yet completed build

Owner: Dr John Knapton

Area: UK-North East


Open Launch. Construction: Strip plank covered with epoxied bi-axial glass cl.
Hull model: Open Launch designed by ? in 2000
Built 2017 at UK
LOA: 28' 0",
Strip plank construction by former owner John Marrison based on lines drawn from an original Saunders Thames Launch recovered from the mud of Benfleet -on-sea, Essex.


Yarrow type WT Designed by J King,
Fuel: Coal,
welded construction,
Professionally built by Bicknell & Co Haslemere


2 cyl compound.
Designed by: A.A. Leak


Anachronism was built over many years by former owner John Marrison of Benfleet -on-sea, Essex. Sadly he passed away before fully completing the project though he did manage to launch her under steam before he became ill. I have purchased the boat to fulfil a long term dream to own a steam launch having being interested in boats since my school days. There is still work to do!

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