Status: Active use

Owner: Rod and Shirl Martin

Area: Australia


Owner: G.A. Thorne

Area: UK-West London

First launched December 1990 fired on propane, converted to coal mid 1991. Boiler thought originally to be fitted to “THEANSA”.


Status: Steaming

Owner: C. Bushnell & M. Ellis

Area: UK-Wales

'Ictus' was built in 1989 by Bay Class Yachts at their yard in Conyer, Kent for well-known canal artist, Garth Allan, to his own specification. It was designed as a replica Edwardian Steam Launch but to canal narrowboat width as a cruising art studio for the inland waterway system. He told the story that he took an old locomotive steam whistle to Bay Class Yachts and asked them to build a boat round it! 'Ictus' was Bay Class Yacht's exhibit at the 1990 London Boat Show Owned by Garth Allan until 2004. Purchased by current owners in 2006. (See also ‘Classic Boat’ April 1990). More to follow...

Ida of Tisnaren

Owner: H. Hagberg

Area: Sweden

Ilse Louise

Status: Active use

Owner: Tjaard Schudde

Area: Netherlands


Status: Steaming

Owner: Chris Davies

Area: UK-North East

Exact date of construction not known but believed to be "before the first world war". Purchased by Geoff Calvert in the mid 60s, fitted with a small petrol engine and used on Windermere for around 20 years. Purchased from the Calvert family in 1985 and the hull and cabin was restored by David Moss Boatbuilders - Skipool Creek and subsequently fitted with the steam plant. Initial steam plant comprising Stuart Turner 6A replaced in 2019 and Anthony Bever 3 drum WT boiler replaced in 2020 with current plant.


Owner: R. Maskell

Area: UK

Old hull of unknown vintage found in derelict condition on Broads in 1986 by Rupert Latham, restored and used for plug for GRP ‘Frolic 30’ class. Steam plant fitted 1989. On display at London Boat Show, January 1990.


Status: Active use

Owner: Rick Osborne

Area: New Zealand


Status: Steaming

Owner: Paul Cogley

Area: UK-Solent

New launch built, fitted out and steam plant fitted by owners, First steamed 1992, 1992 steamed for 40 hours, 1993 50 hours. Purchased from Peter Tunbridge in January 2014. Regularly steamed on Basingstoke Canal between Odiham and Barlymow Public House. Chief engineer: Rod Southern


Status: Dismantled - Awaiting refit

Owner: Alex Heath

Area: Australia


Owner: J. Cooper

Area: UK-Chiltern

Built for J.A.Greenwood as fast motor launch SALTIRE, acquired C R Webb 1975 when named WHITE BEAR, restored, steam plant fitted and re-named 1976. Oct 1985 - 1991 John Partridge, acquired 1991, laid up 1992.


Owner: Malcolm Mackendrick

Area: UK-Chiltern

Purchased as an electric launch, but Sylvia’s good idea of combining steam and electric resulted in this dual fuel boat. Changeover from steam to electric is via a lever operated (Sam Wilkinson design) dog clutch anchoring the required engine to the prop shaft. To March 1998 cruised well over 1000 miles in England and France. Eng 2 (Electric), 36 Volt General Electric 21/2 HP continuous duty, geared down 2:1 by ‘V’ belt. Electronic MosFET continuously variable speed controller. Reg7 (p.150)


Owner: H. Demski

Area: Germany

New launch, built and fitted out to owner’s requirements. Ref: Das Dampfboot April 1995 p.97. . (1976-1991, boiler in builders MARY ANNE in England).


Owner: M.J.S. Ward

Area: New Zealand

Converted double - ended ship’s lifeboat from SS NIAGARA, plant fitted by owner 1975-1976. First steamed February 1977. 1998 laid up. Refitted 1999-2000.


Status: Under Construction

Owner: M. J. Richards

Area: UK

Iris was built sometime between 1895 and 1928 by J.Wilesmith & Co. of Worcester, and was used until about 50 years ago as a motor-driven ferry on the River Severn at Kepax, Worcester. It is not known whether steam plant was ever fitted. She lay derelict for many years until rescued by Michael Lamb of Worcester, who fitted a new oak keel and ribs. Restoration was continued by Malcolm Richards 2006 onward, but is not yet complete because of pressure of time and advancing age. Further information in "Funnel" Autumn 2017.


Status: Steaming

Owner: J. de Ruiter

Website: http://www.xs4all.nl/~meijersf/steam_launch%20Isabella.htm

Area: Netherlands

The builder, Frank Meijers, sadly passed away in an accident on 19. January 2019. His son, Zimmie Meijers, has taken up caring for the boat and has sailed with it in the summer of 2020.


Status: Nearing Completion

Owner: Ian Richards

Area: UK-South West


Owner: F.G. Smith

Area: UK

New launch fitted out by Hambrook Marine, Chichester, all plant designed and fitted by owner. First steamed Aug 1979.